Outdoor Kitchens:

What you need for counters:

  ~ Porcelain Tile (6" x 6" works best for rounded shapes)

  ~ Granite Slab

  ~ Flagstone


  ~ Rock/Brick Veneer

  ~ Stucco

Let me know which materials you prefer and I will help you put your design together.

Some pictures were ommitted from the gallery that were not of a workable size.

Thanks everyone! I appreciate your business for all of these years!

Indoor Tile:
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Since you want to make the most of your tile project, be sure your tile and natural stone is installed correctly. 

Part one of the installation process is ensuring that the sub-surface is strong and sound.  Tile can be installed directly on cement, or with a thin pad between the tile and cement in order to insulate cracks. 

In the case of a wood sub-floor, hardi-backer or cement board is applied first to strengthen the surface and give the tile something on which to adhere.

Part two of the installation process includes ensuring that there is enough support for each individual tile (via the even distribution of mortar on the floor, and on the back of the tile) so that localized cracking does not occur when stress is applied to individual tiles.

Last, tiles must be evenly spaced and level with each other in order to create the professional look you desire.

When great craftsmanship is combined with great design, the result is a job well done by King Cut Tile.